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Why you shouldn’t Skip Meals?

Proper nutrition is primary to your health and can help improve and prevent numerous conditions, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke. In the attempt to lose weight quickly, many people turn to fasting. However, in the long run, skipping meals will only harm you.

Researchers found that skipping meals during the day and eating one large meal in the evening resulted in potentially risky metabolic changes. The meal skippers had elevated fasting glucose levels and a delayed insulin response — conditions that, if they persisted long term, could lead to diabetes.

What Does Skipping Meals Do To Your Body?

Skipping Meals Causes Imbalance In Blood Sugar Level

When you skip a meal, the brain starts experiencing fuel shortage. Consequently, your blood sugar levels drop and the body experiences a shortage of energy. You may then become tired, inactive, moody and irritable.

Your cognitive functions are also affected, and you might have difficulty with attention, memory, concentration and general mental performance.

Skipping Meals Changes Your Metabolism

The body’s metabolism slows down when you skip meals. When your body enters into starvation mode, it looks for new sources of energy. Your metabolism starts transforming fat into energy. But this can have health consequences that include nausea, constipation, fatigue, kidney stress and low blood pressure. With time, the body gets used to the shortage and starts holding on to fat stores, while reducing your lean muscle tissue.

Skipping Meals Causes Digestion Problems

When you skip a meal the digestive system is unable to do its function. Proper metabolic and digestive function require 3 meals and 2 snacks.

Skipping Meals Causes Hormone Imbalance

Every time you skip a meal, the cortisol level increases and causes anxiety. The insulin also increases and decreases instantly, resulting in an unstable blood sugar level.

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