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What causes mesothelioma ?

What causes mesothelioma?

Experts say that extended exposure to asbestos particles is the primary cause of mesothelioma. The risk of developing the disease is closely linked to asbestos particle dosage – i.e. the likelihood of developing mesothelioma is directly proportional to how long a person was exposed, and how much they inhaled.



People who work in industries like ,constructions sites, steel mills, shipyards, oil refineries and power plants,have highest risk of developing this disease.

When the asbestos particles or fibers are inhaled or ingested, they build up in the lining of the abdomen, chest or lungs. If you  breathed in daily  that increases chances of cancerous cells developing.

When asbestos is damaged and particles or fibers are released into the air, the environment can become hazardous to human health. The fibers can be breathed in or swallowed, they get embedded in tissue, and eventually lead to mesothelioma.

They exist as fibers or bundles. These fibers may be found in soil or rocks and exist in many parts of the world naturally. Asbestos is made of silicon, oxygen and some other elements.

Although asbestos is much less used today than it used to be, exposure is still possible, and continues to be a serious problem. Older materials containing asbestos can break down, releasing a dust composed of tiny particles than can be inhaled or ingested.

Even family members who never never work in that environment  can be exposed. The fibers can be carried home in the workers clothing, and then breathed in by other members.

Asbestos can also be swallowed, as may occur when water flows through asbestos cement pipes. Inhaled asbestos can be coughed up, and then swallowed.

World Health Organization in 2005 said that approximately 125 million people in the world were exposed to asbestos at work in that year, despite their employers having known about the link to cancer and other lung diseases for over six decades.

In very rarer cases, mesothelioma may be connected to irradiation, the inhalation of eronite or some other fibrous silicate, and intrapleural thorium dioxide (X-ray)

What causes mesothelioma-it’s simply Asbestos.

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