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The Crystal Path – Getting Started with Healing Crystals

This book is ideal for anyone who would like to start using crystal healing or for people with a little experience and looking to learn more. The book covers a range of relevant topics including: • Information on crystals and how they are formed • Healing basics • The Human aura • Crystal shape variations • Cleansing and caring for your crystals • Recharging crystals • Crystal memory • How to heal various ailments using crystals • Soothing emotions with crystals • How crystals can benefit various aspects of life • Working with the chakras • Meditating with crystals • Information on healing, zodiac, chakra and aura correspondences Reading this beginners guide will help you to gain a solid understanding of crystal healing and important practices such as how to care for cleanse crystals correctly. The Crystal Path contains detailed information on choosing the correct crystals for you, whether that is in person or buying online. After introducing the basics of crystals and crystal healing, you will be guide through twenty two simple exercises that will get you started incorporating crystals into your everyday life. This exercises require no special equipment or knowledge, only the appropriate crystals and a little of your time. Also included with every purchase of this book (Kindle or paperback versions) is a free download of five crafting tutorials. Each of these tutorials provides step by step instructions showing how crystals can be used to create beautiful and functional items. A full list of the required materials and tools is provided within each tutorial. This free download can be downloaded from the author’s website using an exclusive link.

You can buy this book here https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1521716293

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