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How to Stay Focused

How to stay Focused. It’s very easy  and you can start improving your focus today.

1 – Eliminate Distractions

The first step to getting focused is to reduce or eliminate distractions. That’s the basic thing that will help you to stay focused.

If you’re concentrated on your work, but your phone is ringing, somebody’s knocking on your door, people are talking loudly, there’s all this noise around you, it makes it much harder to focus. It makes you harder to concentrate.

stay focused

stay focused

Eliminate as many visual  distractions around you as possible. If you’re on your computer, you’re writing, but there are all these to-do lists around you, or notes, it’s easy to get distracted. That’s the first way to get focused. Create your own quiet place, create your own meditation room; something that allows you to get into the Zen mode, that allows you to focus, allows you to stay concentrated on the task at hand.

Every single time you face a distraction, we know from science it can take you up to 21 minutes to regain your focus.

2 Train your Focus

So start with 5. Get comfortable with 5 minutes of paying attention to only one task. Then make it 10, make it 15, make it 20. Slowly build your way up to about 40 to 50 minutes of focus time. Train your focus.


Train your focus the same way you’re going to train your muscles. You don’t go to the gym, go on the bench press and start benching hundreds of pounds. You start slowly, you allow your muscles to develop, and you build your way up. Same way with your focus and your concentration. Train it. Start slow; gradually build your way up.

3 – Do It First Thing In The Morning

Like everything else, like your energy,  your focus is in the highest level in the morning. Put whatever focus work you have as close to the morning as possible, when you have the most energy, when you have the most vitality. If you go to the office and you start checking your email, you start talking to people, being on the phone, and only then you get into your focus time, it’s going to be that much harder.

Do it first thing in the morning.

4 – Have A Plan


Always have a plan. Start your day with writing down what you need to do, when do you need to do it, what do you need to achieve. When you have a plan, when you have a schedule, it is that much easier to focus and to stay focused.

5 – Take Regular Breaks

When your energy starts going down, so does your focus, your concentration, your willpower and even your mood.

When our energy goes down, we start going for coffee, we start going for energy drinks, for sugary stuff, just to pump our energy up. But instead, if you take a break, your focus is going to renew because your energy is going to be elevated.

Do this:

Work for 50 minutes. Concentrate all your attention for 50 minutes. Then take a 10 minute break. Follow it up with another 50 minutes of focus time, then take another 30 minute break. During your breaks, get up. This will help you stay focused.



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