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Selenium- Best alternative cancer treatment

 Read more why selenium is  really one of those “alternative cancer treatments” many have been eagerly waiting and hoping for.

Selenium has now been recognised by the  FDA  in America as an anti-cancer nutrient. For that to happen there has to be some strong evidence to prove selenium’s benefit in cancer prevention and alternative cancer treatments.

Dr Clarke did research in which he take 1312 people and give them nothing more than 200 micrograms of selenium daily, then watch them for ten years.

alternative cancer treatments

alternative cancer treatments

What he discovered was that selenium alone was able to reduce the overall cancer mortality rate by a impressive 50%. Furthermore, it was able to reduce prostate cancer by 63%, and colorectal cancers by 58%. It was also able to reduce lung cancer by 46%, it doesn’t matter if they were smokers or not,and was able to reduce breast cancer in women by a staggering 65-95%, depending on the type.

The results from this study were truly astounding and even shocked Dr Clarke. But what’s even more notable was that Dr Larry Clarke, the man who physically set up the study, was actually against selenium!

Benefits of Selenium for Cancer Sufferers

So what other benefits can this amazing mineral offer us in regards to treating and curing cancer?

Well, selenium also works very closely with vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene to block the chemical reactions in the body that create dangerous free radicals .

In addition, selenium helps to stop these damaged DNA molecules from actually reproducing. So in other words, it prevents tumors from even developing!

Dr James Howenstine says:

“It contributes towards the death of cancerous and pre-cancer cells. Their death appears to occur before they replicate, thus helping stop cancer before it gets started.”

Americans often don’t get enough selenium, because it’s now been processed out of the foods normally eaten and western soils are grossly deficient.

How Selenium  helps For Breast Cancer.

Ralph W Moss, in his ground-breaking book “Cancer Therapy”, talks about selenium and breast cancer. He states…

“The higher the selenium, the lower the breast cancer,” says Professor Ladas. Similar associations have been found with leukemia, as well as cancers of the intestines, rectum, ovary, prostate, lung, pancreas, skin and bladder. In Yugoslavia, scientists studied 33 patients with breast cancer. These women had selenium levels in their bloodstream only half those of healthy volunteers. Fact is that selenium is one of the best alternative cancer treatments.

Stephen Cann, associate researcher gives advice to women who want to fight breast cancer with diet, “Eat different types of seaweed”. These include wakame, kombu, and the more common nori – sea vegetables that might fight cancer because of their iodine and selenium. “We think it is very important for the breast”, Cann says about iodine.

The simple fact is all alternative cancer treatments must be built on selenium supplementation.
Best  source of selenium.Brazil Nuts

Without a doubt, Brazil nuts are one of the best sources of selenium! Tasty, delicious, and loaded; one study showed that just two brazil nuts per day for 12 weeks raised selenium levels to a normal range. [4]

  • ­1/2 oz. contains a whopping 268 mcg, ­479% of daily requirement and ­95 calories.
  • ­Just one Brazil nut per day can provide 75 mcg of selenium.


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