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Natural remedies for Depression

Natural remedies  for Depression.

St. John’s wort is maybe the most well-known herb for treating depression.


St. John's wort

St. John’s wort

Various studies show St. John’s wort(Hypericum perforatum)  significantly improves depression and relieves anxiety after taking it four to six weeks. Capsules containing 300 mg taken three times per day are great for depression. Side effects from St. John’s wort are very rare. St. John’s wort tea or tincture can also be used if you grow it in your garden and make the preparations out of fresh plants.

St. John's wort

St. John’s wort

In rare cases, taking higher doses of St. John’s wort than recommended for prolonged periods may cause sensitivity to sunlight,a rash may result from exposure to sun. Avoid cheese, red wine, yeast, and pickled herring if taking St. John’s wort.

And don’t use along with prescription antidepressants without consulting an expert botanical prescriber. Don’t take St. John’s wort if you’re pregnant, since this is a time for extra caution, even though this herb is probably safe.St John’s wort is maybe one of the best Natural remedies  for Depression.

Eating healthy is very important for preventing and treating depression. Our  brain needs nutrients to make essential chemicals called neurotransmitters. Vitamin B is essential, especially B6 and folate. Sunflower seeds are rich in B6 while vegetables such as asparagus,  citrus fruits, beets, spinach, and other dark  greens are packed with folate.

Pumpkin seeds give us the required dose of the amino acid tryptophan, which in the brain promotes the synthesis of a neurotransmitter called serotonin. If you have  Normal levels of serotonin you will feel calm.

Essential oils

Scented geranium, lavender, angelica, chamomile, mint, and rosemary are all good choices. Infusing their essences into massage oil is one great way to beat depression.

essential oils

essential oils


Ginkgo biloba helps our  brain to make certain neurotransmitters, which may reduce depression. Studies has shown a standardized extract was helpful for elderly, depressed persons who also had dementia.

These are just few Natural remedies  for Depression.


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