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MTHFR debunked!

This interesting article explains in detail many of the wrong assumptions of the so-called “MTHFR-experts”. It shows why some of their assumptions are based on facts almost pulled out of thin air. And it raises the question of how they can be sure about suggesting supplements based on single mutations. We look at the science behind it. One assumption among “MTHFR-experts” is that homozyguous mutation in MTHFR C677T results in activity reduction of 70% of this single SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism), and that is far from proven. Another assumption is that the same mutation results in folate deficiency, and that is far from the truth in most cases. Some even recommend multi-vitamins, eating folate-rich foods or even take folate supplements, and that could make things even worse due to high folate level in these. Folate is not better than folic acid, and methylfolate is just slightly better. The assumption that one “cannot” convert folic acid, and only convert naturally occurring folate, is totally wrong. Too much of any of these (even methylfolate) could be a problem, but not for these reasons… Read the rest of the article here: https://www.vitacure.me/blogs/news/mthfr-debunked

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