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Meals for kids

We will give you two great meals for kids,it’s easy to make and very healthy, your kids will enjoy.

Cucumber Boats

Cucumber filled with rice and sesame sauce

Cucumber boats get around, probably because they transport the energy –giving vitamin B in their hydrating holds. Above decks, they carry pearly sushi rice topped with a bit of Sesame Sauce.


2 English cucumbers, halved and seeds scooped out with a teaspoon

1 cup/210 g easy and perfect Sushi Rice

¼ cup /60 ml Sesame Sauce

Cut cucumber halves into 3-inch/7.5 pieces. On skin sides of the cucumber, slice a thin strip off skin to make a flat bottom for each “boat” to hold it steady.

Pat in enough rice to just fill the cucumber halves. Drizzle a few drops of Sesame Sauce over the rice and sprinkle lightly with sesame seeds, if using.


 Hearts and Stars


Cucumber and apple salad

Sweet and crunchy salad for kid that delivers a covert, double dose of dietary fiber,

This is the perfect side –pairing with almost any Stealth Health wrap, roll or sandwich. In tasting sessions we found that the apples and cucumbers into fun shapes like hearts and stars scored high with picky eaters.


2 English cucumbers, seeded and sliced into ¼”/0.6 cm thick slices, then cut into shapes with cookie cutters.

1 medium green or red apple, seeded and chopped like dice (or sliced into ¼”/0.6 cm thick slices, then cut into shapes with cookie cutters).

1 tea spoon /6.7 sea salt, divided

2 tea spoons 10 ml soy sauce or tamari sauce

1 tea spoon/10 ml rice or apple cider vinegar

1 tea spoon/5 ml lemon juice

1 tablespoon/15 ml agave Sesame Seeds or pepitas (optional)

Combine the cucumber and apple in a colander set over the sink and sprinkle with salt. Let  sit for about 10 minutes to release some moisture.

In a small bowl, combine the soy sauce, vinegar, lemon juice and agave.

Gently toss drained cucumber and apples with dressing. Add sesame seeds or pepitas (f using), to pack an extra nutritional crunch. Serve as a sidekick in small plastic containers for school lunches.

The cucumber and apple cut-outs can be made the day before and stored in separate containers.. Just cover the apples with water and 1 teaspoon/5 ml of lemon juice to keep them fresh.



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