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Lung cancer treatment

What is Lung Cancer ?

Lung cancer is a disease in which the cells of the lung tissues grow uncontrollably and form tumors. It is the leading cause of death from cancer  in the United States.
There are two kinds of lung cancers, primary and secondary.

Primary lung cancer  starts in the lung itself. Primary lung cancer is divided into small cell lung cancer and nonsmall cell lung cancer, depending on how the cells look under the microscope. Secondary lung cancer is cancer that starts somewhere else in the body  and spreads to the lungs.

lung cancer treatment

lung cancer treatment

This type is a very aggressive cancer and spreads to other organs within a short time. This is found mostly at Heavy smokers . Non-small cell cancers account for the remaining 75% of lung cancers.


SMOKING. Tobacco smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. Ninety percent of lung cancers can be prevented by completely giving up tobacco. Smoking marijuana cigarettes is considered yet another risk

EXPOSURE TO ASBESTOS AND TOXIC CHEMICALS. Repeated exposure to asbestos fibers, either at home or in the workplace, also is considered a risk factor for lung cancer. 



Although the exact cause of lung cancer is not known, people with a family history of lung cancer appear to have a slightly higher risk of contracting the disease.



Lung cancers tend to spread very early, and only 15% are detected in their early stages. The chances of early detection, however, can be improved by seeking medical care at once if any of the following symptoms appear:

• a cough that does not go away

• chest pain

• shortness of breath

• persistent hoarseness

• swelling of the neck and face

• significant weight loss that is not due to dieting or vig- orous

fatigue and loss of appetite

unexplained fever

• recurrent lung infections. Early detection for this kind of cancer and treatment can increase the chances of a cure for some patients. For others, it can at least prolong life.


Lung Cancer Treatment

Alternative therapies should complement conventional treatment, not replace it. Appropriate alternative treatments can help prolong a patient’s life or at least improve quality of life.

lung cancer treatment

lung cancer treatment

Dietary guidelines

If you stick to this dietary guidelnes it may  help  you to improve quality of life, as well as boost the immune function to better fight the disease. They also may help prevent lung cancer.

• Avoiding fatty and spicy foods. A high-fat diet may be associated with increased risk of lung cancer. Also,lung cancer patients may have a hard time digesting heavy foods.

• Increasing consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.  • Eating more broccoli sprouts. These young sprouts are a good source of sulforaphane, a lung cancer fighting substance.

• Eating multiple more meals per day. Small meals are easier to digest. • Establishing a regular eating time and not eating around bedtime. • Avoiding foods containing preservatives • Monitoring weight and intake of adequate calories and protein.
Nutritional supplements may recommend some of the follwing nutritional supplements

Vitamins and minerals. Vitamins that are considered particularly beneficial to cancer patients include B-complex vitamins, especially vitamins B6, C, D, E, and K. Most important minerals are calcium, chromium, copper, iodine,  germanium, selenium, and zinc.
• fish or flaxseed oil, flavonoids, pancreatic enzymes  hormones such as DHEA, melatonin, or phytoestrogens.Eating is one of the best ways of lung cancer treatment.


Lung cancer treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine

Juice therapy


Radiotherapy one of the most practicated way of lung cancer treatment



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