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How to recover from workout

Ways to recover from your workout


Exercising is good for everyone. It strengths the body and the spirit, it helps us stay focused, it relieves stress, improvers our immune system and so on.  In this article we will show you some of the best ways to recover from your workout, especially when you have pushed yourself a little too much.


Post workout recovery


  1. Push yourself to do better, but not too hard

Studies have shown that you should try going beyond your limits, but too intensive workouts will result in more damage, like sore muscles, rather than building up a new muscle.


  1. Take stretching seriously

Stretching is necessary for releasing the tension in your muscles.  By stretching you lower your chances of getting an injury, and your muscles get the nourishment they need.


  1. Reduce your stress level- and remember: “Laughing is the best calorie burner”!


  1. Massage

Relaxing massage is also helpful in reducing the pain if you have sore muscles or just help yourself relax, and help you with your post workout recovery very quickly.

  1. Eat protein after workout

Since our muscle tissue breaks down while we are working out, it’s recommendable to eat a light snack, rich in proteins, which will help to build-up your muscles overnight.

post workout recovery

post workout recovery

That means  boost of protein.
•    A glass of  milk
•    Two boiled eggs
•    A protein bar
•    Half of a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread

One of the best post workout recovery is refueling your body


  1. Say NO, to alcohol

A research shows that alcohol actually disables the body to repair itself, so if you are being serious about your workout you should cut down on the alcohol.


  1. Stay active

This doesn’t mean that you should continue working out, and put up with the pain, but rather to stay active during your normal daily activities.

  1. Get quality sleep

A good sleep is one of the best ways to help your body to recover from any physical activity. Scientists have not yet discovered how the body actually regenerates its strength overnight, but they say that quality sleep is absolutely necessary.

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