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How Smoking Affects your family

 How Smoking Affects your family

When you smoke that doesn’t only have an affect on your health. The U.S. Surgeon General’s report “The Health Consequences of Smoking,”  states it has been proven that smoking (or living with a person who smokes) can cause disease in nearly every organ of the body. This means that every time you smoke you are harassing the health of your children and your family.

It is a fact Passive smoking is a major cause of children’s illness. As children have developing lungs  they have greatest risk of health effects. In children under the age of 18 passive smoking has been linked with pneumonia, lower respiratory tract infections, upper respiratory tract irritation, increased severity of asthma and asthmatic symptoms. Second , middle ear infections, upper respiratory tract infections (colds and sore throats) and cancers and leukemia.




Japanese scientist  just released a study that suggests that passive smoking  may affect childrens gums. 70f the children of smokers had a brownish or black pigmentation of their gums.

Statistics show that  3,000 non-smoking adults die of lung cancer each year as a result of second hand smoke. Second hand smoke has been linked to nasal sinus cancer, breast and bladder. Second hand smoke also causes an increased risk of death from heart disease.

If you must smoke, you must protect your family, especially children. Don’t smoke in your home. If you must smoke,leave the room. Do not smoke in your car when your children are with you. Make sure that people who work in your home or around your children don’t smoke.

Visit the US Environmental Protection Agency at http://www.epa.gov/smokefree/publications.html for more information about passive smoking and how to protect your loved ones.

The fact is that it’s not only your own health at risk when you smoke if you quit it will have benefits for you and for your family

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