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How Caffeine affects your health

How Caffeine affects your health

According to Villanova University, 90 % of Americans get  caffeine every day. While most of us are aware of the stimulative effect the world’s most widely used drug has on our brain, its effects on other parts of our body are not as widely known. Here’s a short list of some of the most common effects caffeine consumption can have on our health.

Bathroom Habits

You are not the only one who run into bathroom before you’ve even finished your cup of coffee. Caffeine has both a diuretic and laxative effect that will keep you in and out of the toilet for the better half of the morning.

As most things in life, caffeine’s diuretic effect depends of how many you drink. For example, if you only have 3mg of caffeine, there’s absolutely no  effect. Drinking larger amounts such as the 95-200mgs in an average cup of coffee ,than you will fell diuretic effects of the coffe.

ASAP Science explained that your pituitary gland controls the release of the anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). In normal circumstances, ADH travels to the kidneys where they stimulate the retention of water to keep our body at a happy medium of hydration. Caffeine inhibits the release of ADH, which results in less water being reabsorbed into your body and more being converted into urine. Caffeine belongs to a group of chemicals called xanthine, and these are able to block the body’s reabsorption of sodium. When this occurs, rather than returning to the blood stream, the sodium stays in the fluid where it becomes urine.

Believe it or not, scientists aren’t really sure why we need to poop after we drink coffe. One theory is that the drug affects the tissue that lines our stomach and small intestines, while others think that caffeine promotes the release ofhormones that control the colon’s activities.


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