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> Home remedy for Migraine | BestHealthySite

Home remedy for Migraine

 Home remedy for migraine

If you suffer from migraine attacks, then here is some great news to uplift your spirits. Look no further than your own kitchen for two simple ingredients: lemon juice and sea salt; the combination of these has been shown to stop migraine headaches within minutes.This mix is one of the best home remedy for migraine

The household remedy of lemon juice and Himalayan sea salt is devoid of any side effects as compared to traditional conventional medicines.
Home remedy for migraine

Home remedy for migraine

How to Prepare ?

Home remedy for migraine

  • In a glass, squeeze out the juice from one lemon.
  • Add 2 teaspoonful of Himalayan sea salt.
  • Add a cup of water.
  • Mix well and consume this magical drink.
  • You will get relief from migraine within minutes.

Why Himalayan Sea Salt (crystal salt or pink salt)?

It is the purest and the most complete salt in the world and is available without any toxins and pollutants. Here are few of its benefits

Himalayan salt has about 84 known minerals and trace elements that can be found within the salt itself.

You can use Himalatan salt for many  reasons .This salt can  help you  to detox your body, or if  you mix it with water, this salt is able to help our bodies expel toxins out of healthy cells and into the bloodstream. From there, our kidneys, and liver begin to filter the toxins out of our blood and then removes them from our system entirely.

Himalayan salt can lower your blood presure.The pink salt contains lower  percetange of sodium per serving than the table salt.

Why Lemon Juice?

It is known to reduce fatigue, anxiety and tension, all of which could be contributing factors for a migraine headache. They are packed with the mineral potassium, deficiency of which is known to cause migraines and tension headache.

So next time, you get that awful feeling of migraine headache and you feel your head is going to explode, wait no more! Try this home remedy for migraine and see the magical and amazing effect it has on migraine!


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