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Healthy meals for Kids

Turkey Pee- Wees

Turkey Reuben in Rice Bun

Healthy meals for kids

These are Turkey Reubens, but small and funny like Pee Wee. Ok, the kids will love making these with their rice, molds or the handy, cut out juice box (image). These rice “sandwiches “are full of calming tryptophan from the turkey and calcium from Swiss cheese. Your kids will feel double happiness from making their crazy-fun onigiris and eating the nutritious cheering squad they deliver.Turkey reubens  healthy meals for kids

healthy meals for kids

healthy meals for kids


Make 4-6 Reubens


2 or 3 Juice boxes with one large side of box cut – out.  Reserve cut – out for pressing mold.

Plastic wrap for lining box.

½ cup 80g mayonnaise

1 tablespoon/ 30g sweet pickle relish, finely chopped salt and pepper, to taste

2 cups/420g Easy and Perfect Sushi Rice (image)

170g cooked turkey, thinly sliced

Gem wraps (your choice of BBQ, Tomato, Mango or Carrot) cut fit the juice – box mold. ( Use the cut out box top as pattern)


Whisk together mayonnaise and relish with salt and pepper to taste and set aside.

Tuck a 12 inch/30 – cm piece of plastic wrap into the juice box with sides overhanging. Place one cut of Gem Wrap into bottom of box, fill juice box ½ of the way up with rice. Spread 1 tablespoon/15 ml of relish mixture over rice. Follow with a thin slice of cheese and a turkey slice.

Then fill in mold with rice to the top. Cover with second cut piece o Gem Wrap. Lay cut – out on all sides to get tightly pressed sandwich. Turn box upside down and pull on the plastic wrap to unmaid the Pee – Wee.

The Pee – Wees can be made the night before and wrapped in parchment or waxed paper. Serve at room temperature or after a brief flash in the microwave to warm the rice. (10 to 15 second).

Serve with Crunchy Pebbles, Bunny Nibbles or Alligator Scales.

These are great healthy meals for kids.


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