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Healthy food for kids – Tomato and salamy rice Sandwich


This sandwich is fun to make and good – to – eat spin on the ol’ bologna and cheese.




2 Snack – size juice boxes with one large side cut out. Reserve the cut out piece for pressing mold later.

Plastic wrap for lining box

2 Tomato Gem Wraps, cut to fit the juice box mold (use the cut –out box top as a pattern)

2 Cups/420g Easy and Perfect Sushi Rice

4 Teaspoons/20ml Red Spread

4 Thin slices medium tomato, cut in half

8 Thin slices salami

healthy food for kids

healthy food for kids


Tuck a 12 inch/30 – cm piece of plastic wrap into the juice box with sides overhanging for each sandwich, tuck one cut Gem Wrap piece in the bottom of the box. Pack your mold 1/3 of the way up with rice. Spread 1 teaspoon/5ml of Red Spread evenly on rice. Top with 2Tomato halves end -to – end,then top with salami slices, cut to fit. Top with rice to fill the mold and finish with your Gem wrap top. Turn box upside down and pull on the plastic wrap to unmold the Rover and serve with Crunch Pebbles or Zucchini Chips and pickles.

Also, you can wrap and freeze these rovers right after you release them from the mold. It’s important to freeze them right away, using fresh warm rice. To defrost, do not let them thaw in the fridge because the rice will lose its texture and become dry. Unwrap the frozen onirigi and put them in bowl with a damp paper towel on top: then defrost according to your microwave.This is one great and healthy food for kids.  

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