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Perindopril reduce risk of heart attacks and heart related deaths

Coronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease

Serious study shows addition of widely used agent to treatment can prevent 50,000 heart attacks and deaths in Canada,Cardiovascular disease remains the leading killer in Canada. In fact, one in five of all deaths each year are from coronary artery disease, the most common manifestation of heart disease.

Despite medicine going forward,  too many people continue to die prematurely from this deadly disease. Many people may know they have coronary disease yet feel quite well until suddenly they are struck down by a heart attack. New drugs and new ways are needed.


Common heart pill increase survival hopes.

An important international heart study published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, showed that patients with coronary artery disease who add the safe and inexpensive blood pressure drug perindopril to their existing treatment can significantly reduce their risk of heart attacks and heart related deaths. In fact, perindopril reduced the risk of heart attacks and death by 20 per cent even in patients considered relatively low risk.

“This is a major step forward and will have important implications in the future management of coronary disease” said Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, Director of Clinical Research, Associate Professor of Medicine, Montreal Heart Institute. “For the first time we have a drug that not only treats hypertension (high blood pressure), but also improves the outcome of patients with coronary disease.”

Scientists calculated that the addition of perindopril could stop  50,000 heart attacks and deaths in Canada over the next four years. The doctors concluded that, “treatment with perindopril, on top of other preventive medications should be considered in all patients with coronary heart disease.”


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